General Auto Maintenance

General Auto Maintenance in Grand Rapids MI

Repairs, replacements, and routine services are completed under warranty with high quality tools and with the best new, modified or remanufactured parts.

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Lube, Oil & Filter

Oil changes in Grand Rapids MI

We offer a full line of oils, lubricants, and essential engine fluids to fit our customers’ needs in Grand Rapids. Our lube, oil and filter auto services help your vehicle maintain optimal engine and drivetrain performance.

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Brake services in Grand Rapids MI

While we value getting our Grand Rapids customer’s vehicle going down the road, we also assure their vehicle stops while going down the road. Our Grand Rapids auto brake services can improve and maintain your vehicle’s braking ability by performing every essential brake system repair and part replacement.

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Tune Ups

At Riverbend Auto Service, we understand that our customers rely heavily on their car, truck, or van’s ability to get them from point A to point B. Getting your vehicle in for a routine tune-up can help assure the longevity of the vehicle, as well as prevent future breakdowns from occurring.

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Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses typically do not last the lifetime of a vehicle and can become brittle as they are exposed to a multitude of driving conditions. Especially during extreme weather patterns that call Grand Rapids home each winter.

Shocks & Struts

At Riverbend Auto Service, your vehicle will not only leave running healthier, but it will feel smoother going down the road too. Our shock and strut services will ensure that your vehicle can take on the bumps and potholes that always seem to take over Grand Rapids roadways.

Steering & Suspension

When a vehicle’s suspension system is not performing to specifications, it can cause damage to the steering function of the vehicle. When you bring your car, truck, or van to Riverbend Auto Service, you can expect our skilled Grand Rapids mechanics to make the necessary adjustments and improvements to your vehicle to get it riding straighter and smoother on your daily commute.

2 & 4 Wheel Alignment

Alignment services are available for 2 and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Keeping your vehicle ‘in alignment’ will allow for easier control of the vehicle, will increase longevity of tire life and even tire wear, and will make towing any load much more manageable.


At Riverbend Auto Service we not only take care of our customers and their vehicles, we take care of Grand Rapids and the surrounding ecosystem. From the second you start your vehicle to the moment you turn it off, your exhaust system is constantly filtering air, gases, and unneeded particles that burn during engine combustion.

Air Conditioning Recharge & Repair

As temperatures heat up during the summer months in Grand Rapids, the inside of your vehicle can too. Driving in comfort with properly working air conditioning helps assure your travels are less stressful and can help positively impact the work day. Maintaining your vehicles ability to cool you down can be a difficult task but at Riverbend Auto Service we have what it takes to keep you comfortable.

Computer Diagnosis & Electrical Systems

Technology has always played a vital role in the overall function and efficiency in vehicle performance. Automobile manufacturers continue to lean on technology to promote and extend your vehicles lifetime. Our Grand Rapids mechanics and auto shop services are staying one-step ahead of the field, by offering professional computer and electrical system diagnosis and repair.


Your vehicle’s tires are technically being worn whether the vehicle is sitting still, coming to a stop, or in acceleration. Just like the comfort that is felt when wearing your favorite pair of shoes, you should also feel that comfort with your vehicle’s tires. Our technicians can rotate, repair, and replace tires; while also recommending the preferred set to fit your vehicle’s need.