Brake Services in Grand Rapids

While we value getting our Grand Rapids customer’s vehicle going down the road, we also assure their vehicle ‘stops’ while going down the road. Our Grand Rapids auto services can improve and maintain your vehicle’s braking ability by performing every essential brake system repair and part replacement. Brake pads, rotors, drums, and shoes will wear out over time and should be inspected for repair or replacement each year.

Original factory calipers and brake housing components may last the vehicle’s lifetime, but when not working properly-will cause uneven distribution of pad or rotor wear. Brake lines and hoses can rust, weather, crack, or break; which could result in a fluid leak. Such leaks will hinder brake pedal pressure and eventually restrict a driver’s ability to stop their vehicle.

If your vehicle is squeaking or grinding while coming to a stop, its time to get in to your local Grand Rapids auto shop. (Visit Riverbend Auto Service / Schedule your next automotive appointment with Riverbend Auto Service today.)